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Technical Support


After-sales service and maintenance and sliding doors of the same quality as important. If you want your sliding door to run as long as possible without failure, annual regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of any sliding door. In addition to preventive maintenance and maintenance, of course, in the course of the use of sliding doors you may encounter some unexpected problems: door damage; due to normal wear and tear required emergency replacement parts; operating problems or improper operation, for these Problem, you must have a very effective partner who will be able to help you shortly after receiving your notification. EUROLINE and its dealers offer the following services:

  • Provision of spare parts;
  • Annual preventive maintenance;
  • Feedback and timely after - sales service;
  • Extended warranty;
  • Installation, maintenance and repair recommendations, customers can also use DVD or manual to complete.


Typical maintenance checks:

  • Normal operation Normal inspection and regular inspection of sliding door operating parts;
  • Torsion spring re-stiffening and add lubricants;
  • Inspection and readjustment of safety protection systems (electrically operated gates);
  • Inspection and adjustment of access door protection;
  • Limit switch controller check;
  • Check the chain tension;
  • Damage to safety components and stains. If necessary, can be adjusted accordingly to ensure the normal operation;
  • Replacement of damaged parts;
  • Transfer the checklist of the routine checks to the end user.